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Family house

Today we bring you another offer of real estate marbella, which you will definitely like.

Family house with a large spacious garden

Number of rooms: two + kitchen, bathroom and garden

The price of a family house: one hundred thousand euros

The size of the family house: one hundred and twenty square meters

ploty (2)When we get closer to the house, we can see that the house is surrounded by a large garden on which grow fruit trees, greenery and shrubs. The house has a white-gray tiled facade, which is really interestingly designed, so the house looks elegant, but old-fashioned. The house is perfect for family living.

At the first entrance to the family house we can see the bathroom, which has green and white tiles. The bathroom has two white sinks, one toilet and a shower. The floor throughout the house is tiled blue-yellow. As another room here we can see a large kitchen decorated in green and white, which has the most modern equipment, such as a modern refrigerator (can create ice cream while you wait) and a kitchen unit.

stahování (2)

Opposite the kitchen is a small bar with three chairs for sitting, so it looks very modern. Another room is the living room with small decorations such as pictures. In the living room there is a fashionable older TV, which is not smart, which is a bit strange, but the owner of the house is older, so it can be understood. There is also a sofa made of comfortable material and under it is a white smooth carpet, which is very pleasant to the touch. If we go further, we can see a bedroom with a large double bed and another (but not a shabby) TV. The whole bedroom is decorated in green, so it looks very positive. Next to the bed is a small coffee table for storing things. The whole bedroom is decorated with decorations such as stones, decorative pictures and the bedroom is very modern.